Welcome to Mr McGaughey’s Grade 2 Class

(October 10)
September News:
McGaughey’s Class
Grade 2

I am Mr. McGaughey and I will be
your child’s grade 2 teacher this year. Some of my interests include
computers and music. I look forward to meeting you all. If you have any
concerns and would like to phone or meet with me, I can be reached at
the school at 526-2091, or you can email me at

1) Balanced School Day
Our school has initiated using a balanced-day
timetable this year. In our classroom, the day will usually
as follows:

8:45: Entrance Bell
8:45-10:25 Language Arts
10:25-10:45: First
Nutrition Break in Classroom
10:45-11:05: Outside play on yard
12:45-1:10: Lunch in Classroom (Students will be able to
go home for lunch during this break).
1:10-1:35: Outside play on yard
Science, Social Studies, Gym Art
3:15: Dismissal Bell

2) Important days to remember in our class.
Monday: Poetry books back
to school, Gym
Thursday: Library—Bring your library book, Gym-
Poetry books go home

3) Rules for Grade 2
1. We respect teachers, other students
and their property.
2. We keep our hands, feet and objects to
3. We follow teacher directions the first time.
for Grade 2

1st Time = WARNING from teacher
2nd Time = Time Out (teacher may
assign a time-out sheet)
3rd Time = Time out sheet with: Phone Call
Home, or Visit to Office, or Time out in another class
Severe Clause:
Phone call home, or parent interview. Office visit.

Please go over these rules and consequences with your child. Be aware
that if you receive a time-out sheet to sign or a phone call, that your
child has already had a warning and received 1 or 2 consequences.

4) Agendas and Homework
• Your child will be bringing home an agenda
daily, which contains their homework, upcoming assignments, and
important notices. Feel free to use the agendas to communicate with me.
I check the agendas every morning.
• Homework: Your child’s will have
a reading log to record the books read at home. There will be a few math
and spelling assignments for homework from time to time. I will send
mathematics workbooks home weekly, so you can keep track of their

5) Sending Money to School
If you are sending money to school with
your child, please put it in an envelope and indicate;
a) Your
child’s first and last name,
b) My name.
c) The amount of money
and the purpose for the money.

6) Class Website:
Over the course of the year, Mr. McGaughey and the
students will be posting announcements, examples of student work and
interesting links on our class website at
http://par.scdsb.on.ca/classes/mcgaughey/ Please check back regularly to
see what is happening in our classroom.

7) Poetry and Songs Booklet: Repeated reading of poems and songs is an
excellent way to improve reading fluency. Every other week, I will add
one or two new poems to practise in class. On Friday, your child will
bring the poetry book home to read together with family members.
Remember to return the poetry book home on Monday, so that we can begin
our new poems.

8) Scholastic Book Orders: Ordering books for your child through
Scholastic Book Clubs is a great way to encourage a love of learning,
and it also helps to provide extra resources for the classroom. I will
be sending out Scholastic order forms in the first week of each month,
and they will be due back to school about a week later. Orders are
usually delivered in one to two weeks.

9) September Math: Sorting and Patterning, For the next while, our focus
in mathematics will be learning about patterns in the environment and in
our number system. We will first focus on sorting objects by their
different attributes (shape, colour, size, and so on), then use what we
know to identify what is changing in a pattern. We will look at
repeating patterns, such as the repeating stripes in fabric or in the
arrangement of floor tiles. We will also explore number patterns that
grow, connecting these patterns to counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and so on.
Students will begin to see connections in these patterns. For example,
if 1 item costs $3, then 2 items cost $6, 3 cost $9, and so on. Students
will use a table to analyze number patterns, because tables help to
clarify how number patterns grow. They will use calculators to extend
their number patterns. (On a calculator, try entering + 5 = = = = = and
see what happens.) This helps them to recognize the idea of a pattern
rule, and stretches their thinking beyond numbers that are familiar to
them. Students will eventually be able to use their ability to identify
and extend patterns to solve math problems. Try these activities with
your child:
• Look for patterns in the environment. Ask your child to
explain what is changing in the pattern (for example, the colour or the
shape) and how it is changing. Ask your child to tell what will come
next in the pattern.
• Use a chart like the one here to solve simple
problems about growing patterns. Your child can use a calculator to
extend the pattern as far as he or she wishes.
• Make a pattern out
of simple household items or other small items such as coins.

Have your child close his or her eyes while you remove one item. Ask
your child to guess what is missing. Following this unit, we will be
studying numbers from 1-50.

You may also want to visit the Nelson Web site at www.mathk8.nelson.com
for more suggestions to help your child with these units.

10) Getting to Know Me Box One evening during the month of September,
your child will bring home the class’ Getting to Know Me Box and
journal. Please help your child choose four objects to bring to school
which would help others learn more about themselves and their interests.
You can also assist them with writing a brief description of their
objects in the Getting to Know Me journal.

I’m looking forward to a great year teaching your child in Grade 2.

Thank you,
Mr. S. McGaughey

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