We’re designing wrapping paper for Santa!


North Pole

H0H 0H0

November 21, 2004

Dear Boys and Girls at Huronia Centennial Elementary School:

Greetings from the North Pole! November is almost over and the Advent season is arriving, Mrs. Claus, the elves and I set up our Nativity scene outside last evening and just as we finished the snow began to fall gently. It was so beautiful!

As you know, December is a very busy month here at the North Pole! This year we are making more presents than ever for good boys and girls. Each of those presents needs to be wrapped up. Fortunately, we have a computerized wrapping paper printing machine in our workshop. It will reproduce patterns much more quickly than our old one and can even read images from digital cameras! The elves and I would like your help in designing some new geometric patterns to put in it. Will you help us out? The students at Huronia Centennial have made some beautiful wrapping paper designs for us in the past.

The wrapping paper patterns must be repeated, incorporate two-dimensional shapes, and include a transformation. Of course, the pattern must be on a Christmas or winter theme. At the end, you can keep the wrapping paper – all we need is a photograph and a written description of it so that we can enter it into our printing machine!

The elves and I will be anxiously waiting for your response. Have fun with your designs!



We are happy to do this Job for Santa. Mr. McGaughey and Mrs. McGinnis will be teaching us about shapes, transformations and patterns to get us ready to design our wrapping paper. We will make our wrapping paper in class before Christmas. Here is the letter that we wrote back to Santa.

Dear Santa:

How are you doing up at the North Pole?
We are going to take your challenge. We are going to make your wrapping paper. We are looking forward to it. We are sure it will be fun. We will try to follow all your design guidelines. We will send you pictures of our wrapping paper on the last school week before Christmas (December 15).


Mr. McGaughey`s Grade 2 Class