Sythesizing: Synthesizing is when we learn new things by putting things we already know together in another way. Putting the pieces together in a new way. 

Mr. McGaughey taught us to say synthesizing by breaking it up into small pieces. We said syn- the ( the e is like left) -size-ing.

Taking 4 sounds we know and putting them together in a new way shows that we were synthesizing. And now we can say it too.

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Class Agenda for January 12-16

Sharing this week: D as in day or dad

Monday January 12:                                     

Grade 1:  Fast Start Books go home today.

Sharing today: Brayden, Holden



Tuesday  January 13:

Sharing today: Justin, West




Wednesday  January 14:                                    Kindergarten A Day     

Scholastic Seesaw book Orders due

Sharing today:Amy, Makenzie

Hot Dog Day:  $1.00/hot dog



Thursday  January 15:

Sharing today: Abbey, Nathan


Pizza day $1.50/slice



Friday   January 16:                                                    Kindergarten A Day     

Kindergarten Students come to school today

Sharing today: Ede, Alexis

Shared Reading Books go home



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18Things We Did on the Holidays

by Mr. McGaughey’s Class.
Typed by Mr. McGaughey

Mr. McGaughey and his daughter swam in a salt-water pool.
Makenzie went sledding.
Amy went snowmobiling with her dad.
Ede played in the playground with her daddy and mommy.
Maya got a good Webkin dog with pink fur.
Morgan went to Maya’s house.
Abbey went skating.
Justin went snowboarding.
Riley B. went skiing.
It was Riley White’s birthday and he got a snowboard.
Nathan got Bakugans from Santa.
West got the Bakugan named Terrorclaw.
Holden got a skidoo from his grandma.
Brayden went swimming in the ocean at the beach in Florida.
Alexis went snowboarding with her Dad.
Max went skating with his Mom and Dad.
Curtis went to Cambridge to visit his aunt.
Aaliyah went to Oshawa with her Mom.

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