Coming Up in Grade 4 January 30-Febuary 6

Speeches: Students in our class have been writing and practicing
their speeches. From Tuesday January 7 to Friday February 3, 7 students
will be presenting their speeches to the class each day. Please
encourage your child to continue to practice at home.

Tuesday January 31, 2006: Rowan, Abbie, Thomas, Drew, Bronte, Joey, Josh

Wednesday February 1, 2006: Luke C., Danielle, Symantha, Regan, Jack,
Tanner, Kate

Thursday February 2, 2006: Quinn, Gillian, Tommy, Kalton, Luke A., Joan,

Friday February 3, 2006: Melissa, Chloe, James, Katie, Ben, Baileigh

Speech Presentations in Gym: Wednesday February 8, 12:30pm: 2
Students from each junior class will be presenting their speeches.

Language Arts: We are completing a class novel study on Chocolate
Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith.

Math: Chapter 7: 2-dimensional shapes.

Science: Continuing investigations and experiments with the
properties of sound and light. In two weeks, you child will be making a
pinhole camera. They will need a small can or box (Pringles cans are
ideal), foil and some wax paper.

Health and Physical Education: Along with our Chocolate Fever
Novel study, we are studying Healthy eating and Canada’s Guide to
Healthy Living.

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126 Ways to Show That You Care

By Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 4 class

In January, our whole school
is focusing on the character trait of caring. We wrote a list of ways that
you can care.

By Symantha
We can clean the park and around the
I care for my guinea pigs. I also feed them and give them water.
care for my dogs and I brush them.
I care for my fish and I feed them.

I cared for my lizard when it was going to die.
I cared for my
brother when he was sick. I brought him drinks.
I was caring when I
made my mother tea.
I am caring when I feed my dogs everyday.
I am
caring when I send back email to grandma.

By Josh
I cared when
my mom hurt her back.
I cared when my cat had a baby.
I care when a
friend is hurt .
I cared when my cat got something in her paw.

I cared for my dad when his car crashed.
I care for my
hamsters. I feed and water them every day.
I also care for my fish but
I do not have to feed them.
I care for my little sister.
I care
about my family and friends.

By Baileigh
I cared for my dog when
he had to go away.
I got cared for when I broke my arm.
You can help
a person feel better.

By Joan
I cared for Sparky when he was
about to die.
I care for my mom when she is sick and she does the same
thing for me.
You can be caring if you stick up for people who are
being bullied.
My parents and my friends cared for me when I broke my
collar bone.
I care about my family and friends.

By Tommy
someone around if they are new.
Help someone if they are sick.
your pets.
Let an elderly person have your seat on the bus.
someone with a difficult job.
Praise someone if they do something well.
someone if they are trying hard.
Give someone a hug.
Say “Happy
Birthday” on someone’s birthday.
Do something nice for
someone just because you can.

By Drew
1. I care when my parents
drive in the winter.
2. I care when people get hurt.
3. I cared when
I held a flaming Birthday Cake.
4. Sing Happy Birthday on someone’s
5. Help people when they fall.
6. Listen to the teacher.
Write neatly
8. Making sure my homework is done.

By Gillian
I feed my fish every day because I care about them.
2. I eat the
healthy stuff first in my lunch like yogurt and apples because I care
about my health.
3. When my sister was learning how to ride a
two-wheeler and kept falling I helped her up and taught her how to ride.
I make my bed and put away my clothes every morning so I don’t get insects
like spiders in my room.
5. When my exchange student arrived I showed
her around the house and helped her carry her luggage to her room.

1. When someone is hurt you can help them.
2. Help your brother
or sister with there homework
3. Help an animal if it is hurt or sick.
Take responsibility for your pet.
5. Help someone if they are being
6. If someone is new to school you can show them around.
Apologise if you accidentally hurt someone.

By Regan
I helped my
sister pack her lunch because she needed to go to school or she would be
late. When I had a fish and two rabbits, I took care of them by feeding

By Bronte
Ways to care are……
someone is hurt, ask them if they are okay.
When your pet is sick a way
to care for it is taking it to the vet.
If you’re holding a baby, be
very gentle with it.
When someone is new to your school invite he or
she to play with you.

By Abigail
Ways to care…
someone is hurt ask if they are ok.
Play with someone if they are
feeling sad.
Be friendly when someone is sad.

By Chloe
to care are …
Feed your pets.
Help somebody if they are sick.
food to the poor.
Help little kids when they are lost.
Let older
people have your seat on the bus and other places.
If somebody gets
pushed help them up.
Be nice to somebody if they are new at your school.

Luke A.

Once I sold hot chocolate for money to buy food for the
food bank. Another time, Joan and I made a card for my brother when he was
seriously hurt and got everybody to sign it.

By Luke C-M
If you
se someone getting bullied, you help them out!
You help someone out
when they are hurt.
You take care of your pet when it is sick or hurt.

I am caring because when my cat came outside he chased a
porcupine and all kinds of needles got stuck on his face.
I helped pick
them out of his face.
I helped babysit my little sister when my mom and
dad were away.
I helped my friend when she was hurt.
I helped my
friend when she lost something. I feed my cat every day when I wake up.

If someone forgot how to get down a tree you can tell them how.
someone is hurt tell an adult to help them.
Sing the national anthem to
show that you care about your country.
Share your snack if someone
doesn’t have a snack.
If you are playing with a game and someone
wants to play, share with them.

If some one is being bullied,
stand up for them.

By Troy
Open the door for other people.
people carry their groceries.
Say thank you when people help you.
an old person is standing on a bus, you let them take your seat.
are ways to care.

By Ben
Take care of things that are old.
not break things that aren’t yours.
Help elderly people cross the
Look after the environment.

By Jack Johnston
1. One way
to show care is to help others.
2. Another way to show care is if you
see some one being bullied, you should help them. (You will help them,
3. If you help some one with a heavy load, that is showing care.
Helping your friend with his (or her) home work is a way to show care.

Kalton King
1. I cared for my dog when she was sick.
2. I cared for
my brother when he twisted his ankle.
3. I cared for my brother when he
fell off his bike.
4. I cared for my mom when she broke her toe.

Ways to Show You Care!
If someone is hurt ask if they are
ok. My pet bird Tippet was getting pneumonia and I let him use and sleep
on my baby blanket. Give people hugs, listen, smile, say “Hi”, do not act
grumpy around people, be friendly, and say nice things like, “You’re
looking nice today”

By Quinn
1. I care about my dog.
I feed it and take it for walks.
2. I care for my cat. I feed it a lot.
I let it go outside and I pet it a lot.

By Melissa
1. When my
mom gets sick, I take care of her.
2. I play with my sister when she
has no one else to play with.
3. I watched my friend’s dog for a week.
I help my little sister with her homework.

By Tanner
1. I care
by taking my dog for a walk, feeding it, and playing with it.
2. I care
by taking care of my brother, and playing with him.
3. When you care
about other people, you do nice things for them.
4. I care by sharing.
I care for people when someone gets hurt.

BY James
If someone is
bullying a friend or even if someone you don’t know is getting bullied,
stand up for him. If someone is hurt tell a police officer or a teacher or
get them to a hospital.

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Coming up this week

Coming Up in Grade 4 January 13-20

Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 4 Class Parkview School

Please visit our new class website regularly at

New on the Website: How to make a towel print, The Twelve Days of
Christmas Rewritten, Book Fair Posters.

Reminder: January 17: 6:30 pm- Parkview School: EFSL Information
Meeting. EFSL Registration will be January 20-25 in the school office.

January 19: Scholastic Arrow book orders due.

Language Arts: Daily reading and Writing.

Speeches: Your children will be working on their speeches in class for
the next two weeks. They may sometimes bring speech home to practice.
Presentations in our class will be on the week of January 31- February
3. The school presentation will be on the following week.

Math: Chapter 5: Linear Measurement and perimeter, using mm, cm, dm, m
and km.

Science: Continuing investigations and experiments with the properties
of sound and light.

Phys-Ed.: Continue pre-volleyball skills unit.

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How to Play Doctor Dodgeball

How To Play Dr. Dodgeball

An Instruction Sheet For How To Play Dr. Dodgeball

To: Mr. McGaughey

From: Tommy

I am making this instruction and rule sheet because when ever we ask to
play Dr. Dodgeball you say” I don’t know how to play it”.

To setup Dr. Dodgeball you make two even or almost even teams. Then the
teams make a huddle to choose a doctor and a nurse.*The doctor doesn’t
have to be a boy and the nurse doesn’t have to be a girl. One person
from each team will come and tell you who is the doctor and nurse. You
can use as many dogdeballs as you want, but the minimum should be two.

To play Dr. Dodgeball you throw in the balls and start. If someone gets
hit below the head it counts. If someone gets hit they sit cross-legged.
The doctor or the nurse can rescue them by touching them. If the nurse
gets hit only the doctor can rescue them. If the doctor gets hit the
opposite team wins.


1. The doctor doesn’t have to be a boy and
the nurse doesn’t have to be a girl.

2. If someone blocks a ball with another ball
they drop their ball and sit cross-legged. 3. People can’t drag
sitting people to their doctor just to keep them safe

3. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January Newsletter

Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 4

January Newsletter

Please visit our new class website regularly at

New on the Website: How to make a Towel Print, The Twelve Days of
Christmas Rewritten, Book Fair Posters.

As the year progresses I will continue to post reminders, classroom
news, and examples of student work on our class web page.

Reminder: January 17: 6:30 pm- Parkview School. There is an information
meeting for parents of students interesting in applying for grade 5
Extended French. EFSL Registration will be January 20-25 in the school

Camp Kitchi: Dates and fees for Camp Kitchi are now being arranged.
Watch for more information about Camp Kitchi over the next few weeks.

Units this Month:

Science: We are continuing our unit on Properties of Light and Sound.

Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Art

For four afternoons in January, the entire junior division will
participate in an integrated unit on the Winter Olympics.

Math: Measurement: Nelson Math 4 Chapter 5

Over the next 3 weeks, your child will be investigating linear and time

There will be opportunities to measure, to choose appropriate
measurement units, and to relate measurement units to each other. The
metric unit decimetre will be introduced.

Measurement Activities you can do at home:

• Your child can look around the home and find objects that could be
measured in decimetres. An appropriate activity would be to first
estimate the measurement in

decimetres and then compare their answer to the measured one. Your child
can then change the decimetre measurements to centimetres.

• Using a household ruler, your child could practice measuring and
record findings using millimetres, centimetres, and decimetres. It is
important for children to practice measuring accurately using tools such
as rulers.

• At home, you and your child can look for opportunities to measure how
long certain activities take to complete in hours and minutes, such as
completing homework, watching a video, or getting ready for bed.

Reading clock faces to measure the length of time certain activities
take will help your child build confidence in reading,

reporting, and measuring time.

Monday January 23 (Tentative): Math Quiz on Measurement: chapter 5

Chapter 7: 2D Geometry:

At the end of January through the beginning of February, your child will
be studying geometry, a very important strand of mathematics. Your child
will have many opportunities to explore geometric concepts using
concrete materials, think about the design of objects in the world
around, and create designs. At this time, your child will be focusing on
2-D shapes. Your child will explore 3-D shapes later this year.

At home, your child can:

• You and your child might enjoy using the concept of similarity to
enlarge drawings of cartoon characters. Draw a grid over the image, and
then, on a piece of paper, draw the same grid, but with larger squares.
Copy the shapes in the grid squares on the original onto the squares of
the larger grid.

• You might play a simple card game to help your child identify shapes
by name, as follows: make 20 cards showing names or drawings of
quadrilaterals, 4 each of parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, square, and
rectangle. Shuffle the cards. Then each player draws 4 cards. On a turn,
a player can discard 1 card and pick 1 new card. The first player with 4
cards in 1 category (all are trapezoids, or

parallelograms, and so on) wins.

• Your child might use drinking straws, cut to different lengths, to
explore the different shapes they can make with different side lengths.
They could also draw the shapes they create.

• You might help your child look for pictures in magazines that model

You may also want to visit the Nelson Web site at
for more suggestions to help your child with these units.


It is traditional in our school for all students from grade 4-8 to
prepare speeches to present in front of the class. We will choose a few
students from the class to present their speeches at an assembly in the
gym. Some of these students will be chosen to represent our school at
the area public speaking competitions.

Your children will be working on their speeches in class for the next
two weeks. They may sometimes bring speech home to practice.
Presentations in our class will be on the week of January 31- February
3. The school presentation will be on the following week.

Sean McGaughey

Parkview School Phone #526-2091

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How to make a nifty Towel Print

On December 19, 2005, Mrs. Tripp, Mrs. DeBoer and Mrs. Leonard came in
to do a special Christmas craft with us. We made wax prints on towels
for Christmas gifts.

Materials: Sandpaper, hand towels , wax crayons, ironing board and iron,
ribbon, gift tag, scissors

Step 1

by Abbie, James, Katie, Tanner, Gillian, and Quinn

First, with your sandpaper, carefully draw a picture with wax crayons.
Draw it close to the edge and press down really hard so it turns out not
faded. If you want to write words, remember to write backwards in mirror
writing. When you finish your design, you can cut it out before bringing
it to the ironing board.

Step 2

by Kate, Bronte, Luke C., Joey

First we get wax crayons. Then we get sandpaper and print the picture on
the sandpaper using the wax crayons.

Step 3

by Rowan, Thomas, Melissa

Bring your sandpaper and towel to the ironing board and get the wax
crayon ironed on to your towel. You can keep on coloring on your
sandpaper with wax crayon and ironing it onto your towel.

Step 4

by Tommy, Chloe, Joan, Troy, Luke A.

Peel the sandpaper carefully off the towel. Your picture should turn out
very bright.

Step 5

by Danielle, Drew, Ben, Josh

Once we transferred our designs, we could do more designs if we had any
more sandpaper left.

Step 6

by Regan, Symantha, Kalton, Jack

You can make the same pattern again by ironing the thing you want then
recolour the picture, then iron it again.

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When I am Sixteen

Last week, we read a story about a girl who had two eighth birthday
parties, so she thought she was 16. Then we wrote about what we want
when we are 16.


When I am sixteen, I am going to buy a tank.

I well go to Disneyworld. And win a race against Jamie. I will stay up
late. I will buy pizza.


When I’m sixteen I want to have parties every day! I would save up to by
supplies [at work] I would invite all my friends!!! And I would not just
have them in my house but outside too! We would have dessert and supper.
I would invite my family……

By Alex W.

When I am sixteen I want a dirt bike. All my friends want a dirt bike.
They look cool. I want a dirt bike because they are good for jumps. I
might try one of the jumps with my friends.


When I am sixteen, I will go to paintball. On my team will be my
cousins. We will play it every other night for practise. When I am
sixteen, I will be taller than my mom and maybe my dad. It will be fun
when I’m sixteen. I will help Dad’s work go faster. I wonder if I could
save up for a playstation 2?


My Bike…

When I am sixteen I will get an adult bike. It will have shocks too.

It will be blue or light blue. I will make jumps for it too. It will be
cool and awesome, very awesome .

Alexander H.

When I am 16 I’ll have a dune buggy. I will build a garage for it. I
will try to do tricks on it. I will take it on a track. I will try to
flip it. I will chase Avery around circles for ever.


When I am sixteen I am going to have a car. The colour will be yellow. I
will drive my friends to places.

By Mikayla

When I’m Sixteen…

I want to get a cute car. It will be a Cadillac. It will be black. I’ll
drive my friends to the movies and horse shows. I’d get a job at Tim
Horton`s. I’d get 1000 dollars. I would get a miniature pony and a
horse. My pony’s name will be Bear and my horse, Mint.

Friday April 8, 2005


My Car

When I am six teen I want a car. I want the colour to be rainbow. If it
costs alot of money then I want it to cost 105 dollars. I will wash it
every other day and I will use it properly.

by Liam

When I grow up and I’m 16, I’ll make a wrestling arena. I’ll buy wood,
rope and a trampoline. Then I’ll take off the bouncy thing, and make it
the bottom. I’m going to paint it. Then it would be done. Then I could

Kurt When I am sixteen I`m getting a dirtbike. I`ll paint it green. Then
I will make a jump that’s as big as the school.

By Chelsey. When I am sixteen I would like to have my own car so I could
drive my friends to places. I would get a Hummer. I would also get a
dirt bike. When I am sixteen, I will get a job at McDonalds because my
mom and dad go there LOTS!

Brennan When I am 16, I will have a job at Cheezers. I will be in
Jamie`s band. I will be playing the drum set. Jamie will be the lead
guitar and singer. Our band will be called the Hurricanes.

Friday April 8 2005 Breanna My Car

When I am sixteen I want a car to drive my friends in. My friends are
Ketura and Sam. It will be fun to have a car.


When I’m sixteen I want a car that is a Caddilac or an Astrovan. Then I
want a miniature dog that stays little. Then I can get out of the house
and give my friends, and family a ride.


When I am sixteen I want a job to get paycheck. I can get a race car and
it can race well and get a lot of money. I can make a jump bigger than
the school.

By Samantha

When I am16 I will go to Florida. I will get a car and drive my friends
to places. I will get a cat and treat it well.

By Abby

When I am sixteen, I want to work at Macdonald’s because my family goes
there a LOT.

By Trevor
By Trevor

When I am sixteen I will be a boxer. I will
be cool. I will be the best boxer in the world. I will
make lots of money . I will be fun and cool.

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