Coming Up in Grade 4 January 30-Febuary 6

Speeches: Students in our class have been writing and practicing
their speeches. From Tuesday January 7 to Friday February 3, 7 students
will be presenting their speeches to the class each day. Please
encourage your child to continue to practice at home.

Tuesday January 31, 2006: Rowan, Abbie, Thomas, Drew, Bronte, Joey, Josh

Wednesday February 1, 2006: Luke C., Danielle, Symantha, Regan, Jack,
Tanner, Kate

Thursday February 2, 2006: Quinn, Gillian, Tommy, Kalton, Luke A., Joan,

Friday February 3, 2006: Melissa, Chloe, James, Katie, Ben, Baileigh

Speech Presentations in Gym: Wednesday February 8, 12:30pm: 2
Students from each junior class will be presenting their speeches.

Language Arts: We are completing a class novel study on Chocolate
Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith.

Math: Chapter 7: 2-dimensional shapes.

Science: Continuing investigations and experiments with the
properties of sound and light. In two weeks, you child will be making a
pinhole camera. They will need a small can or box (Pringles cans are
ideal), foil and some wax paper.

Health and Physical Education: Along with our Chocolate Fever
Novel study, we are studying Healthy eating and Canada’s Guide to
Healthy Living.