Meet The Teacher Night

Welcome to the HCES Open House.

Our class has been making self-portraits on the computer using KidPix. Some of the students have finished. Click here to see our self portraits.

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Coming up in Grade 4 November 7-11

Language Arts: Setting up reading response Journals, Remembrance
day poetry and songs

Math: More addition, subtraction and estimation with 4 digit

Art: We will make Remembrance Day Posters in Class.

Science (Rocks and Minerals) Quiz November 9 Please review the
notes in your Science folder.

Materials assessed will include: What is the difference between rocks
and minerals? How are rocks and formed? What are the 3 types of rocks?
What is the difference between rocks and minerals? How are fossils
formed? What is the hardest mineral? How do we measure the hardness of
minerals? How do people use rocks and minerals in their everyday lives?

Social Studies (Mapping- Canada and its Provinces) Quiz November

The quiz will cover material we studied about mapping and Canada. The
skills assessed will be:

– Name all 10 provinces and 3 territories and identify them on a map.

– Capital cities of Canada and Ontario (and at least 3 other provinces).

– Be able to locate Midland, Georgian Bay and the 5 great lakes on a map

– Use a map legend to estimate the distance between 2 places.

– Make a map of a familiar place (ie. classroom) including a legend

– Use a map grid to find places on a map.

November 11: Remembrance Day Assembly

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Skating Fun!

We went skating today. It was fun. Some of us skated very fast. We get to go to the Elmvale Arena three more times. Liam’s birthday is on our third skating day.

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