Busy Days at HCES

We have fallen behind on our blog postings. Lots of interesting things have been happening at our school. Last week was the 100th day of school. This week, we had Valentines Day, Jump Rope for Heart and a Spirit Assembly for our Color Teams. Mr. McG. printed pictures of these events and each group wrote a blog entry about them.

The Storytelling Competition
By the whole class
Typed by Mr. McG.

On February 16, all the grade 2 and 3 classes went to the library to hear storytelling. We listened to 10 stories written by students from our classes. Two or three students from each grade two or three class shared their stories. Kaden wore a red cape with books on it. It was fun listening to the stories. Sua and Leandra get to present their stories at the Legion Contest on Sunday.

Grade 2 and 3 Storytellers

Jump Rope for Heart

By Mikayla, Brennan and Alexander

On our Jump Rope for Heart Day, we jumped very well. We thought that it was great. We raised money for the people that have problems with their hearts. There were five people in the picture. After that, everybody was tired. It was super fun doing Jump Rope for Heart.

Jump Rope For Heart

We Measured Mr. McG.
By Sam, Alex, Chelsey and Andrei

It was the 100th day of school last Friday. We measured Mr. McG. with pennies. He was 82 pennies tall. We measured him on the floor in the class. We had fun. Everybody helped to measure Mr. McG. It was cool!

Mr. McG. is 82 pennies tall!

Jump Rope for Heart
By Abby, Nickolas, Jamie and Madison

On February 15th, we had Jump Rope for Heart. Our whole class did it. We skipped and we played. There were 10 groups. We had lots and lots of fun!

Jump Rope For Heart

The Penny Line
By Breanna, Jessa, Will, and Ben

Mr. McG. took this picture with his camera.
We did it in the school. We did a big line all the way to Mrs. Enns Office with pennies. Our class and Mrs. McGinnis’ class did it.

We lined up pennies all the way to the office!

Color Teams
By Bailey, Trevor, Alijah, Kurt and Liam

It was fun cheering. The cheers were good! The Downtown Brown Clowns were funny. The grey and purple groups tied in second. There are thirty-eight people in the grey group.
Spirit Day Assembly