Our Wrapping Paper is Finished!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Dear Santa:

We did your challenge. We made your wrapping paper. Our wrapping paper looks very cool. It was fun to make. We learned how to make patterns and to tell how to make them. We learned how to use flips, turns and slides in our patterns. We like it. There are pictures of our patterns on the next page. Mr. McGaughey will email our written plans.

We can’t wait until you come in 8 days.

From Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 2 class.

Huronia Centennial Elementary School

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Reading Logs

Mr. McGaughey will give the class a surprise if the class hands in 100 full reading logs altogether. That’s 1000 books!

You have handed in 15 reading logs so far. Only 85 to go!

• You may fill in one space for every story book or chapter you read.
• You may fill in one, two or three spaces daily.

• When you have completed your reading log, bring it back to school and get a new one.

Your homework every night is to read 1 story book or 1 chapter in a chapter book. You have had a reading log for 21 days. You should have read at least 21 books by now.

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Terry Fox

On Tuesday September 21, we have the Terry Fox Run at our school.

Terry Fox tried to run across Canada except he didn’t make it.
He ran 40 to 50 kilometres each day. He stopped at Thunder Bay.

Terry Fox wanted to raise money for cancer research.

You can find out more about Terry Fox at the Terry Fox Foundation website