This week in our class.

We are working on new language arts/ integrated units in our class.
The Junior students are working on a unit about satire and parody based on the Shrek Movies. Here are details of the Shrek Unit.

The intermediate students are in the planning stages for a unit on the History of Computers. We’ll post a unit plan here when we have it ready.

Everyone in our class is working on a unit on Data Management. We have been using data from the recent provincial elections to create and interpret various graphs.

Here is a list of Math assignments for this week.


Grade October 17 October 18/19 October 20 October 21
5 All Grades: Review Election Sign Survey, Complete Pie Graph of sign Survey Results All Grades: Data Management Pre Test 2 page 64-66 Broken Line Graphs 3 page 67 Interpreting Circle Graphs
6     2 72-73 Plotting Coordinate Pairs 3 74-76 Line Graphs
7     Math Makes Sense 7 (MMS)

p. 169 – 171



MMS 7 p. 169 – 173


8     Math Makes Sense(MMS)

p. 187 – 193

MMS p. 184 – 186,

Mr. McGaughey sent home your IEPs yesterday. Please go over them with your parents and return the signed original to school by Tuesday October 25.

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