Tribal Thunder was Great!

By the whole class. Typed by Mr. McGaughey

On March 7 and 8, Tribal Thunder came to our school to teach us about
drumming and lead us in a drum circle. Tribal Thunder are Oz, Joan and
Marcie. We got to play the drums. The air bazooka almost blew everybody
over. We liked the presentation. They showed us drums from all over the
world. Mr. McGaughey liked the water drum the best.

You can find out more about Tribal Thunder on their website at

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Grandma’s Big Old Purse

On April 15, Russ Clayton gave a concert at our school. One of our
favorite songs on Russ’ CD, A Whale of a Time, is Grandma’s
Big Old Purse

You can listen to the song:
Grandma’s Big Old Purse :grandma.wma (1.25mb)
Music by Russ Clayton,
Words by Allison McWood and Russ ©2002 Sons of Clay Music

Each child in our class wrote and illustrated their own story about
what you can find in Grandma’s purse.

Click here for our stories

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