About Mr. McGaughey

I am Mr. McGaughey.  I am a Grade 1-3 Planning Time teacher and Librarian at Bayview Public School in Midland.  Before teaching at Bayview School, I taught at  Parkview Public School in Midland and Huronia Centennial Public School in Elmvale.  I have been using a class weblog to show student work, to communicate with parents, and to teach children about different ways to write since about 2001.  This webpage contains articles since September 2005.  I am going to try to add info from earlier websites as well.

I like to use the Internet to communicate, I like to record shows on the internet called podcasts.  I am also a singer and musician.  I love to teach children to read by singing familiar folk and childrens music.

Recently I have been interested in online collaboration with other classes and teachers. If you are a teacher who is interested in participating in online collaborative projects with my class, please fill out this form.

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