Snow Days

For the past 3 days in my area we have had snow days. It was not a snow day at my school today but it was for me because of my area.

I live in the West zone of Simcoe County but I go to school in the North zone. Today the buses were canceled in the West zone but not the North zone. My bus could not pick me up because I live in the West zone but school was not canceled for me. My mom does not like to drive in the winter, so I stayed home and wrote this blog instead of going to school.

Snowed Out!

Bayview SnowHere is a view out my classroom window of the snow falling into our school courtyard this morning.  Unfortunately,  the snow squalls prevented Jaime, Trevor, Aislinn, Jennifer and I from going to the Junior Math Road Rally at the school board office today.  We were all disappointed.

Just a reminder that we have a PA day on Monday January 24.  There will be no classes for students.

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The Spyglass

At our school,we are having a play called The Spyglass. It takes place in the Medieval age. There are lots of parts in it such as the Jester, the King and the strange old man. I am in the play. I do not know what part I have, but I hope I am either the Jester, the servant or the Farmer. The play will be sometime in the spring. I hope it is very good!

What I did for Christmas

This Christmas I went to the Skyline Inn in Niagara Falls. We were in room 1702. The hotel had a a walkway to the Fallsview indoor water park. The water park had 8 slides, a wave pool and an outdoor heated pool. The outdoor pool had six basketball hoops. On one of the slides, you dropped six stories almost straight down. We stayed there from December 23 until Christmas. On Christmas we went to my Grandpa’s house to stay for the night.We also went to the Mandarin which is a huge buffet. On boxing day we went home and that is what I did for Christmas.