June Newsletter

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mr. McGaughey’s Class June Newsletter

Dear Parents:

The year is drawing quickly to a close and there are many activities happening at our school and with our class.

June 14: On Tuesday June 14, Mr. McGaughey has invited the grade 7 Gifted Class students to assist with the area 1 track meet. These four students will need to be dropped off at St. Theresa’s school by 9am and picked up at 3pm. The Grade 4-6 students will remain at the school with their integrated classes.

June 16: Trip to Huron Park to See the Spyglass

The gifted students at Bayview school have been invited to go to Huron Park School with the Bayview Drama Club to see the Huron Park production of The Spyglass on Thursday June 16. We will be leaving the school by bus at 11:00 for an 11:30 performance. We should be back at the school by 1:00pm. for lunch.

While field trips are supervised by the teaching staff, they involve activities beyond those of normal school programs. It is essential that parent/guardians counsel their children on the necessity for extra care and cooperation.

Monday June 27: Frisbee Golf: On Monday June 27, our class is going to make a walking trip to Little Lake Park to play Frisbee Golf. After we are finished Frisbee Golf, we will go to the Dairy Queen or Little Lake Galley, so that interested students can purchase lunch or an ice cream. Remember to bring a lunch or money for lunch. In case of inclement weather, we will go on Tuesday June 28.

Wednesday June 29: After our end of year assembly, our class will share a class pot luck lunch and have some time for board games and video games.

Thanks for a great year,

Mr. McGaughey

[ ] I give permission for my child _________________________ to attend the Spyglass at Huron Park School on Thursday June 16.

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[ ] I give permission for my child _________________________ to go on a walking trip to Little Lake Park to play Frisbee golf on Monday June 27 or Tuesday June 28.

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