Agenda for June 2-6

Sharing this week th as in thumb
Monday June 2
Song Books Back to School Today
Fast Start Poetry Books go home today.
They can come back to school by Friday.

Sharing Today: Abbie, Brittney

Tuesday June 3
Sharing Today: Brooke, Casey


Wednesday June 4

Sharing Today: Cayden, Daniella
Thursday June 5
Sharing: Elliot
Friday June 6:
Fast Start Poetry books back to school
Song Books go home to be returned on Monday
Sharing: Hayley, Jaida

Sharing next week: th as in thumb: Monday 9: Jake, Jefferson Tuesday 10:Meagan, Michael Wednesday 11: Nicholas, Rachel: Thursday 12: Sierra, Sillis


Thursday: Pizza Day $1.50 slice
* Popsicles and ice cream treats are available daily right at the end of nutrition breaks for 75c or $1.00.
Now that the weather is warming up, we can do more of our Daily Physical Activities (DPA) outdoors. Some days when the weather is warm and sunny we may walk to a nearby playground because we don’t have play equipment in our school yard. It is important that your child have closed toed shoes for safety during outdoor activities. If your child wears sandals to school, please ensure that they have a pair of running shoes at school.



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