Welcome Home to mr.mcgaughey.ca

A couple of months ago I realized that I have had a classroom blog for over 10 years.  This blog has existed in various forms using a variety of blogging platforms and software since 2003, and I had experimented with classroom websites for a few years prior to that.  With my new role as planning time teacher and librarian, I have not been very active posting to it the past school year, but that is still an accomplishment.  Over the years, through several changes of address and servers, many of the pictures and the links may not work properly, and the dates of the first couple of years seem to be out of sync with their contents, but the site as a whole still provides a window into my classroom, and a record of many of the activities I have done with my students over the past decade.

Today I moved the blog from the free hosting provider, Edublogs, to my own site at mr.mcgaughey.ca.  This move to a new permanent home gives me more space, and more flexibility how to present my website.   I’m still sweeping up the cobwebs and making sure that everything moved over smoothly, but it will always be a bit of a work in progress.

Welcome to my classroom on the web.

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