We’re designing wrapping paper for Santa!


North Pole

H0H 0H0

November 21, 2004

Dear Boys and Girls at Huronia Centennial Elementary School:

Greetings from the North Pole! November is almost over and the Advent season is arriving, Mrs. Claus, the elves and I set up our Nativity scene outside last evening and just as we finished the snow began to fall gently. It was so beautiful!

As you know, December is a very busy month here at the North Pole! This year we are making more presents than ever for good boys and girls. Each of those presents needs to be wrapped up. Fortunately, we have a computerized wrapping paper printing machine in our workshop. It will reproduce patterns much more quickly than our old one and can even read images from digital cameras! The elves and I would like your help in designing some new geometric patterns to put in it. Will you help us out? The students at Huronia Centennial have made some beautiful wrapping paper designs for us in the past.

The wrapping paper patterns must be repeated, incorporate two-dimensional shapes, and include a transformation. Of course, the pattern must be on a Christmas or winter theme. At the end, you can keep the wrapping paper – all we need is a photograph and a written description of it so that we can enter it into our printing machine!

The elves and I will be anxiously waiting for your response. Have fun with your designs!



We are happy to do this Job for Santa. Mr. McGaughey and Mrs. McGinnis will be teaching us about shapes, transformations and patterns to get us ready to design our wrapping paper. We will make our wrapping paper in class before Christmas. Here is the letter that we wrote back to Santa.

Dear Santa:

How are you doing up at the North Pole?
We are going to take your challenge. We are going to make your wrapping paper. We are looking forward to it. We are sure it will be fun. We will try to follow all your design guidelines. We will send you pictures of our wrapping paper on the last school week before Christmas (December 15).


Mr. McGaughey`s Grade 2 Class

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Dates to Remember

November 30: Report Cards go home.

December 2,3: Student Involved Conferences: Check your Report Card Envelope for your appointment time.

December 14: Field Trip to Huronia Museum in the Morning. Please return your $8.00 and permission form ASAP


Music + Rap Have fun reading

Books are cool. Books are fun.

Books are made for everyone.

Books have a little pictures. Books have words.

Kids like books so do worms.

Adults do. What about you?

I like books. They are made for you.

By Samantha H., Abby D. and Samantha B.

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Halloween Activities– October 29, 2004

The students in the primary division (JK- Grade 3) are invited to wear seasonal colours or Hallowe’en clothing for a short parade through the school on Friday Morning. Please ensure that your child’s costume is over top of other clothes which will be worn for the remainder of the day. Also remind your child that all clothing must be taken home the same day. This is especially important if it is the costume to be worn on Hallowe’en.

We will be having Hallowe’en activities in our classroom in the morning. Instead of a Hallowe’en party with sweets, we will have a class luncheon. Please feel free to bring a healthy snack or drink to share for our lunch. In the afternoon, we will have regular classes. Thank you– Mr. McGaughey

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February 2006 Newsletter

Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 4

February Newsletter

Please visit our new class website regularly at

New on the Website: 126 Ways to Show You Care, mp3 recordings of each
child’s speech, How to Play Doctor Dodgeball .

As the year progresses I will continue to post reminders, classroom
news, and examples of student work on our class web page.

Speech Presentations in Gym: Wednesday February 8, 12:30pm: 2 Students
from each junior class will be presenting their speeches. The
representatives from our class will be Tommy Tripp on snowboarding, and
Gillian Hutton on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

Units this Month:

Tuesday February 14: Scholastic Arrow book orders due.

Science: We are continuing our unit on Properties of Light and Sound.

Science Quiz—Light and Sound- February 20

Language Arts: We will be continuing our novel study of Chocolate Fever
Robert Kimmel Smith.

Health and Phys-Ed, Drama and Dance: We are learning dances such as The
Bunny Hop, and the Chicken Dance. Our focus in Phys-Ed is on aerobic
fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Math: Chapter 7: 2D Geometry: To be completed by Feb 14. Test Chapter 7:
Monday February 13

Chapter 6- Multiplication and Division Facts

For about three weeks, your child will be learning multiplication and
division facts to 9×9 =81. We will be using a variety of strategies to
remember these facts. The goal will be for your child to either recall
or be able to apply a strategy to find each fact. We will also be using
these facts to multiply by multiples of 10, such as 60, 80, and 200.

Throughout this time, you and your child can practise some activities
such as the following:

• Your child can look around for things that come in 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and
9s. Then they can ask and answer questions, such as “Our house has 5
front steps. How many front steps would 6 houses like ours have?” (30)

• Your child can use division to show sharing packaged or sets of
objects equally among family members. For example, this package has 24
cookies. Each person in our family can have 6 cookies because 24 ÷4 =6.

• Your child can locate items that come in arrays and identify the fact
family for each array. For example, a carton of eggs shows an array. The
fact family is 2×6=12, 6×2=12 , 12÷2 =6, and 12÷6=2.

• Your child can find items that have a measure which is a multiple of
10 or 100. Then they can ask and answer questions, such as “A new bar of
soap is 90 grams. How many grams are in 6 new bars of soap?” (540) and
explain how they know. (6×9 tens is 54 tens. 54 tens is 540.)

You may also want to visit the Nelson Web site at www.mathk8.nelson.com
for more suggestions to help your child with these units.

Sean McGaughey

Parkview School Phone #526-2091

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Speech Recordings

During the month of January, every junior student at Parkview School
prepared and presented a speech for their class. Each teacher chose two
students to represent their class for the school-wide competition.
Winners from the school competition will go on to the area competition
at Huron Park School. The representatives from our class are Tommy T. on
snowboarding, and Gillian on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

You can
listen to all the speeches by Mr. McGaughey’s students below.




Coming Up in Grade 4 February 7-17

Tuesday February 14: Scholastic Arrow book orders due.

Speech Presentations in Gym: Wednesday February 8, 12:30pm: 2 Students
from each junior class will be presenting their speeches. Tommy T. and
Gillian will be representing our class.

Math: Chapter 7: 2-dimensional shapes. Math Test Monday February 13

Science: Continuing investigations and experiments with the properties
of sound and light. In two weeks, you child will be making a pinhole
camera. They will need a small can or box (Pringles cans are ideal),
foil and some wax paper. Monday February 13.

Science Test—Light and Sound: Monday February 20.

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Spelling Wordsearch

Today we made a wordsearch together on the board using all of the spelling words for this week. The Gage Canadian Spelling Group is working on Unit 13. The Practise Your Spelling Group is working on Unit 2. There will be a spelling test for these words on Monday January 17.

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