Digital Storytelling

The grade 7/8 class is creating digital stories to educate and inform others about social issues.   In my weekly lessons with the class we have been discussing ‘What is digital storytelling?’ and the tools they can use to make them.


Learning Goal:  Students will apply the creative process to publish a multimedia work in order to educate and inform their chosen audience about a social issue linked to their grade curriculum.

Oct 29:  We watched videos about what is digital storytelling.


The primary tools the students will be Smart Ideas and Microsoft Photo Story.




Halloween Safety

As part of our grade 1 and 2 Health (
Safety) and Social Studies (Traditions and Celebrations) classes, today my class and I discussed Halloween Safety Rules. Here are some of the sites and games I used.

Halloween Safety Video:

Billy Brings His Buddies: Halloween Matching Game

Halloween Safety Game  This one has some great tips but there is alot of reading.  It is probably more suitable for grade 3 up.

Pumpkin Carving Game 

PBS Games