How to make a nifty Towel Print

On December 19, 2005, Mrs. Tripp, Mrs. DeBoer and Mrs. Leonard came in
to do a special Christmas craft with us. We made wax prints on towels
for Christmas gifts.

Materials: Sandpaper, hand towels , wax crayons, ironing board and iron,
ribbon, gift tag, scissors

Step 1

by Abbie, James, Katie, Tanner, Gillian, and Quinn

First, with your sandpaper, carefully draw a picture with wax crayons.
Draw it close to the edge and press down really hard so it turns out not
faded. If you want to write words, remember to write backwards in mirror
writing. When you finish your design, you can cut it out before bringing
it to the ironing board.

Step 2

by Kate, Bronte, Luke C., Joey

First we get wax crayons. Then we get sandpaper and print the picture on
the sandpaper using the wax crayons.

Step 3

by Rowan, Thomas, Melissa

Bring your sandpaper and towel to the ironing board and get the wax
crayon ironed on to your towel. You can keep on coloring on your
sandpaper with wax crayon and ironing it onto your towel.

Step 4

by Tommy, Chloe, Joan, Troy, Luke A.

Peel the sandpaper carefully off the towel. Your picture should turn out
very bright.

Step 5

by Danielle, Drew, Ben, Josh

Once we transferred our designs, we could do more designs if we had any
more sandpaper left.

Step 6

by Regan, Symantha, Kalton, Jack

You can make the same pattern again by ironing the thing you want then
recolour the picture, then iron it again.