When I am Sixteen

Last week, we read a story about a girl who had two eighth birthday
parties, so she thought she was 16. Then we wrote about what we want
when we are 16.


When I am sixteen, I am going to buy a tank.

I well go to Disneyworld. And win a race against Jamie. I will stay up
late. I will buy pizza.


When I’m sixteen I want to have parties every day! I would save up to by
supplies [at work] I would invite all my friends!!! And I would not just
have them in my house but outside too! We would have dessert and supper.
I would invite my family……

By Alex W.

When I am sixteen I want a dirt bike. All my friends want a dirt bike.
They look cool. I want a dirt bike because they are good for jumps. I
might try one of the jumps with my friends.


When I am sixteen, I will go to paintball. On my team will be my
cousins. We will play it every other night for practise. When I am
sixteen, I will be taller than my mom and maybe my dad. It will be fun
when I’m sixteen. I will help Dad’s work go faster. I wonder if I could
save up for a playstation 2?


My Bike…

When I am sixteen I will get an adult bike. It will have shocks too.

It will be blue or light blue. I will make jumps for it too. It will be
cool and awesome, very awesome .

Alexander H.

When I am 16 I’ll have a dune buggy. I will build a garage for it. I
will try to do tricks on it. I will take it on a track. I will try to
flip it. I will chase Avery around circles for ever.


When I am sixteen I am going to have a car. The colour will be yellow. I
will drive my friends to places.

By Mikayla

When I’m Sixteen…

I want to get a cute car. It will be a Cadillac. It will be black. I’ll
drive my friends to the movies and horse shows. I’d get a job at Tim
Horton`s. I’d get 1000 dollars. I would get a miniature pony and a
horse. My pony’s name will be Bear and my horse, Mint.

Friday April 8, 2005


My Car

When I am six teen I want a car. I want the colour to be rainbow. If it
costs alot of money then I want it to cost 105 dollars. I will wash it
every other day and I will use it properly.

by Liam

When I grow up and I’m 16, I’ll make a wrestling arena. I’ll buy wood,
rope and a trampoline. Then I’ll take off the bouncy thing, and make it
the bottom. I’m going to paint it. Then it would be done. Then I could

Kurt When I am sixteen I`m getting a dirtbike. I`ll paint it green. Then
I will make a jump that’s as big as the school.

By Chelsey. When I am sixteen I would like to have my own car so I could
drive my friends to places. I would get a Hummer. I would also get a
dirt bike. When I am sixteen, I will get a job at McDonalds because my
mom and dad go there LOTS!

Brennan When I am 16, I will have a job at Cheezers. I will be in
Jamie`s band. I will be playing the drum set. Jamie will be the lead
guitar and singer. Our band will be called the Hurricanes.

Friday April 8 2005 Breanna My Car

When I am sixteen I want a car to drive my friends in. My friends are
Ketura and Sam. It will be fun to have a car.


When I’m sixteen I want a car that is a Caddilac or an Astrovan. Then I
want a miniature dog that stays little. Then I can get out of the house
and give my friends, and family a ride.


When I am sixteen I want a job to get paycheck. I can get a race car and
it can race well and get a lot of money. I can make a jump bigger than
the school.

By Samantha

When I am16 I will go to Florida. I will get a car and drive my friends
to places. I will get a cat and treat it well.

By Abby

When I am sixteen, I want to work at Macdonald’s because my family goes
there a LOT.

By Trevor
By Trevor

When I am sixteen I will be a boxer. I will
be cool. I will be the best boxer in the world. I will
make lots of money . I will be fun and cool.