126 Ways to Show That You Care

By Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 4 class

In January, our whole school
is focusing on the character trait of caring. We wrote a list of ways that
you can care.

By Symantha
We can clean the park and around the
I care for my guinea pigs. I also feed them and give them water.
care for my dogs and I brush them.
I care for my fish and I feed them.

I cared for my lizard when it was going to die.
I cared for my
brother when he was sick. I brought him drinks.
I was caring when I
made my mother tea.
I am caring when I feed my dogs everyday.
I am
caring when I send back email to grandma.

By Josh
I cared when
my mom hurt her back.
I cared when my cat had a baby.
I care when a
friend is hurt .
I cared when my cat got something in her paw.

I cared for my dad when his car crashed.
I care for my
hamsters. I feed and water them every day.
I also care for my fish but
I do not have to feed them.
I care for my little sister.
I care
about my family and friends.

By Baileigh
I cared for my dog when
he had to go away.
I got cared for when I broke my arm.
You can help
a person feel better.

By Joan
I cared for Sparky when he was
about to die.
I care for my mom when she is sick and she does the same
thing for me.
You can be caring if you stick up for people who are
being bullied.
My parents and my friends cared for me when I broke my
collar bone.
I care about my family and friends.

By Tommy
someone around if they are new.
Help someone if they are sick.
your pets.
Let an elderly person have your seat on the bus.
someone with a difficult job.
Praise someone if they do something well.
someone if they are trying hard.
Give someone a hug.
Say “Happy
Birthday” on someone’s birthday.
Do something nice for
someone just because you can.

By Drew
1. I care when my parents
drive in the winter.
2. I care when people get hurt.
3. I cared when
I held a flaming Birthday Cake.
4. Sing Happy Birthday on someone’s
5. Help people when they fall.
6. Listen to the teacher.
Write neatly
8. Making sure my homework is done.

By Gillian
I feed my fish every day because I care about them.
2. I eat the
healthy stuff first in my lunch like yogurt and apples because I care
about my health.
3. When my sister was learning how to ride a
two-wheeler and kept falling I helped her up and taught her how to ride.
I make my bed and put away my clothes every morning so I don’t get insects
like spiders in my room.
5. When my exchange student arrived I showed
her around the house and helped her carry her luggage to her room.

1. When someone is hurt you can help them.
2. Help your brother
or sister with there homework
3. Help an animal if it is hurt or sick.
Take responsibility for your pet.
5. Help someone if they are being
6. If someone is new to school you can show them around.
Apologise if you accidentally hurt someone.

By Regan
I helped my
sister pack her lunch because she needed to go to school or she would be
late. When I had a fish and two rabbits, I took care of them by feeding

By Bronte
Ways to care are……
someone is hurt, ask them if they are okay.
When your pet is sick a way
to care for it is taking it to the vet.
If you’re holding a baby, be
very gentle with it.
When someone is new to your school invite he or
she to play with you.

By Abigail
Ways to care…
someone is hurt ask if they are ok.
Play with someone if they are
feeling sad.
Be friendly when someone is sad.

By Chloe
to care are …
Feed your pets.
Help somebody if they are sick.
food to the poor.
Help little kids when they are lost.
Let older
people have your seat on the bus and other places.
If somebody gets
pushed help them up.
Be nice to somebody if they are new at your school.

Luke A.

Once I sold hot chocolate for money to buy food for the
food bank. Another time, Joan and I made a card for my brother when he was
seriously hurt and got everybody to sign it.

By Luke C-M
If you
se someone getting bullied, you help them out!
You help someone out
when they are hurt.
You take care of your pet when it is sick or hurt.

I am caring because when my cat came outside he chased a
porcupine and all kinds of needles got stuck on his face.
I helped pick
them out of his face.
I helped babysit my little sister when my mom and
dad were away.
I helped my friend when she was hurt.
I helped my
friend when she lost something. I feed my cat every day when I wake up.

If someone forgot how to get down a tree you can tell them how.
someone is hurt tell an adult to help them.
Sing the national anthem to
show that you care about your country.
Share your snack if someone
doesn’t have a snack.
If you are playing with a game and someone
wants to play, share with them.

If some one is being bullied,
stand up for them.

By Troy
Open the door for other people.
people carry their groceries.
Say thank you when people help you.
an old person is standing on a bus, you let them take your seat.
are ways to care.

By Ben
Take care of things that are old.
not break things that aren’t yours.
Help elderly people cross the
Look after the environment.

By Jack Johnston
1. One way
to show care is to help others.
2. Another way to show care is if you
see some one being bullied, you should help them. (You will help them,
3. If you help some one with a heavy load, that is showing care.
Helping your friend with his (or her) home work is a way to show care.

Kalton King
1. I cared for my dog when she was sick.
2. I cared for
my brother when he twisted his ankle.
3. I cared for my brother when he
fell off his bike.
4. I cared for my mom when she broke her toe.

Ways to Show You Care!
If someone is hurt ask if they are
ok. My pet bird Tippet was getting pneumonia and I let him use and sleep
on my baby blanket. Give people hugs, listen, smile, say “Hi”, do not act
grumpy around people, be friendly, and say nice things like, “You’re
looking nice today”

By Quinn
1. I care about my dog.
I feed it and take it for walks.
2. I care for my cat. I feed it a lot.
I let it go outside and I pet it a lot.

By Melissa
1. When my
mom gets sick, I take care of her.
2. I play with my sister when she
has no one else to play with.
3. I watched my friend’s dog for a week.
I help my little sister with her homework.

By Tanner
1. I care
by taking my dog for a walk, feeding it, and playing with it.
2. I care
by taking care of my brother, and playing with him.
3. When you care
about other people, you do nice things for them.
4. I care by sharing.
I care for people when someone gets hurt.

BY James
If someone is
bullying a friend or even if someone you don’t know is getting bullied,
stand up for him. If someone is hurt tell a police officer or a teacher or
get them to a hospital.