Welcome to Mr. McGaughey’s Kindergarten and Grade 1 Class

This year in my class I have 10 Grade 1 students every day and seven Kindergarten students who come to school on Monday, Wednesday and alternate Fridays.   Here is a poem we wrote of what we like and self portraits of each of the students.

Mr. McGaughey’s Class likes…

Mr. MacDonald likes mocha java.

Mr. McGaughey likes music.

Riley likes red.

Maya likes mice.

West likes white.

Morgan likes Maya.

Abbey likes alligators.

Curtis likes candy.

Taylor likes teachers.

Nathan likes a net.

Justin likes jack-o-lanterns.

Max likes Mom.

Holden likes horses.

Ede likes everything.

Brayden likes balls.

Riley likes race cars.

Makenzie likes moths.

Alexis likes apples.

Amy likes ants.

Our Class likes Everything!

September 15:  I’m so sorry.  I forgot to put Amy’s name on the poem at first.  It’s there now.


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  1. Thanks Mr. Mcgaughey for sharing this with us… Our family is looking forward to this year. Maya loves your songs and shares them with us everyday. Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. Thank you Mr McGaughey’s class

    Maya’s Granny likes your “What We Like” poem.
    Maya’s Granny likes Maya!

    Well done SK/One