Check… and mate

By: Drew

The chess tournament on March 8th at Parkview Public School was a very
tiring and long day. Congratulations to the students who made it to
Midhurst. Unfortunately, with 41 wins Parkview came in second, and with
44 wins Huron Park won their victory and took home the trophy.

Also another thing happened, a student from Parkview was absent so he
couldn’t make it to the Midhurst tournament. Thanks to all the kids who
volunteered at Parkview, because of some missing children that never

A special thanks to Mrs. Fox for coaching our chess team.

By: Tommy

“Check.” “Not any more.” “Check.” “Not for long.”

The Midhurst chess tournament was on March 29th, 2006. The top two boys
and top two girls would go for each grade. The tournament was at the
Simcoe County District School Board. It was from about 9:30 to 2:15. The
amount of players in each group were ranged from about 10 to almost 20.
The grades were split in to boys and girls. Parkview sent 11 people. I
was one of them. Parkview did O.K. but didn’t win any medals. For each
grade and gender they were doing a draw for this glass chess, checkers,
and backgammon set. I won the set for the grade 4 boys! The points for
the Parkview team were from 9 to about 14. Some of the Parkview team was
interviewed by a camera man for Roger’s Television. Thank you to Mrs.
Fox, the Parkview chess team coach.

“Check. … Mate.”