The Chronicles of Narnia

Today Mrs. Carpenter sent everyone in the school from Grade 3 to 8 to
see The Chronicles of Narnia. We all enjoyed the movie a lot. It was
fun to go to the movie when we would normally be having math class. The
war scenes were very exciting because we saw creatures that we don’t
normally see. Some of us cried when Aslan got killed. We were excited
when he came back to life.

We enjoyed seeing mythological beasts that we have read about in other
stories and legends. We thought that the natural creatures were very

Some of us have read the book, and some have seen the older version of
the movie. We all agree that we like this one the best. We would
definitely recommend this movie for other children grade 3 and up. It
might be too scary for younger children.

By Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 4 Class

Typed by Mr. McGaughey