December 12-23

Coming Up in Grade 4 December 12-16

Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 4 Class Parkview School

Language Arts: We are reading and responding to stories about Christmas
in Medieval times..

Math: Chapter 3: Wednesday December 14– Retest of Chapter 4—addition
and subtraction for any student who wishes to try it over.

Graphing Test Tuesday December 20:

Science: Over the month of December, we will be doing a variety of
investigations and experiments to study the properties of sound.

Social Studies: We have been studying Medieval Christmas customs and

Phys-Ed.: We are doing a unit on pre-volleyball skills.

Our Word Wall Words for December 12-16 are:

tally, bar graph, data, table, medieval, lord, wassail, mummer, snowman,
sleigh, angelic, ice, carols