Meet The Teacher Night

Welcome to the HCES Open House.

Our class has been making self-portraits on the computer using KidPix. Some of the students have finished. Click here to see our self portraits.

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3 new student work galleries!

There are 3 new galleries of work from the students in our class.

On October 27, Cory coame back from the McLaren Gallery and showed us how to reproduce a Monet painting.

Here are our Monet Paintings
Monet Paintings.

We learned alot about Remembrance Day. It is really important to remember that lots of soldiers died. We hope there will be no more war because it people will die.

Here is what we wrote about Remembrance Day.

Here are the posters we made for Remembrance Day.

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Mclaren Art Visit #1

Today Cory from the McLaren Art Gallery came to teach us about how to mix colors using a colour wheel.

We used paint to make our own colour wheels. We learned how to mix yellow and red to make orange. You can mix up red and blue and it makes purple. We mixed blue and yellow to make green. Red and white makes pink. You can’t make primary colours. The primary colours are blue, red and yellow.

We made paintings using cold or hot colours. The hot colours are red, yellow, orange and pink. The cold colours are purple, green, and blue.

Cory said that next week we are going to learn how to copy a painting by Monet.

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