Agenda for February 4-8

Monday February 4

Song Books Back to School Today

Fast Start Poetry Books go home today.

Gym Today

Sharing Today: Brittney


Tuesday February 5

Sharing Today: Abbie, Brooke, Casey


Wednesday February 6

Sharing Today: Cayden, Daniella


Thursday February 7

Pizza Day: $1.50

Sharing Today: Elliot, Hanna


FRIDAY February 8 100th Day of School

Please bring in a collection of 100 of something (ie 100 stickers,
100 cheerios, 100 pennies, etc..) to show to the class.

Sharing Today: Hayley, Jaida

Fast Start Poetry books back to school

Song Books go home to be returned on Monday

Sharing on Monday February 4: a… as in apple or ape: Jake,


Thursday: Pizza Day $1.50 slice

Mr. McGaughey’s Class Website

Skating Field Trips are on: February 22, 29 and March 7: 9am-10:45 am:
Cost $9 for 3 sessions. Please return Permission forms as soon as