We wrote a letter to a band, and got a reply

Trout Fishing in America

Our class likes to listen to the music of the band, Trout
Fishing in America (http://troutmusic.com)
. In November the
children planned and dictated a letter to Trout Fishing in America while
Mr. McGaughey typed.

Here is the letter we wrote.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

(Written by Mr. McGaugheys Grade1 class. Typed by Mr. McGaughey).

Dear Ezra and Keith:

Hello, we are Mr. McGaughey’s Grade one class at Bayview School in
Midland, Ontario Canada. We really like your song about 18 Wheels on a
Big Rig. Thank you for writing the song. We wish you will write many
more songs. We sing this song to begin our math class.

Yours Truly,

Mr. McGaughey’s Grade1 Class.

Here is the response we got, from Karen Thom, who works with Trout
Fishing in America.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the note from you and your students. I will forward on to
Keith and Ezra. I know they will appreciate you taking the time to
write. Although Trout does a great version of 18 wheels on a big rig, it
was actually written by a guy named Heywood Banks (a comedian). It
really is a fun song and we love to hear that it is used in the

Best fishes,

Karen Thom

Trout Records

A few weeks later, they recorded a short voice message for the class on
the phone with Mr. McGaughey.

You can listen to that message here.