The Second Week

Good morning grade 2’s . Yesterday we all changed classes. We like grade 2 because we like our teachers and we learn. It is great. We like to do math. We like grade 2 because it is challenging. We like music. We LOVE to read. We love science.

Grade 2 will be a blast!

We wrote an acrostic poem about the things we like. Here it is.

Mr. McGaughey’s Class Likes Everything!

Mr. McGaughey likes music.

Samantha B. likes snakes.

Chelsey likes chocolate.

Bailey likes boars.

Liam likes lions.

Ben likes beans.

Brennan likes bats.

Jessica likes jaguars.

Maddie likes her Mommy.

Mikayla likes monkeys.

Jessa like jaguars.

Alexander H. likes alligators.

Andrei likes soccer.

Trevor likes tigers.

Nickolas likes numbers.

William likes water.

Jamie likes June.

Abby likes apples.

Ruby likes rabbits.

Kurt likes kangaroos.

Samantha H. likes school.

Matthew likes monkeys.

Alex W. likes alligators.

Alijah likes apples.

Breanna likes buffalo.

Mrs. Enns likes Emily.