Agenda January 14-18, 2008

I have set up my class webpage. You can find it at

I update the website regularly with classroom news, information, agenda
notices, and examples of student work.

Sharing this week. d… as in day or dad

Monday January 14

Song Books Back to School Today

Fast Start Poetry Books go home today.

Scholastic Book Orders due Today.

Gym Today

Sharing Today: Hayley, Jaida


Tuesday January 15

Sharing Today: Jake, Jefferson


Wednesday January 16

Sharing Today: Meagan, Michael

Return Skating Permission Forms


Thursday January 17

Pizza Day: $1.50

Sharing Today: Nicholas, Rachel


Friday January 18

Sharing Today: Sierra, Sillis

Fast Start Poetry books back to school

Song Books go home to be returned on Monday

Sharing on Monday January 21: c… as in candy or plastic: Abbie,

Skating Field Trips: February 22, 29 and March 7: 9am-10:45 am: Cost
$9 for 3 sessions. Please return Permission forms by Wednesday January