News for January 7-11

Grade 1 Agenda Week of: January 7-11

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It is great to be
back to school in 2008

A sharing Schedule for January and February is attached.

Thursday: Pizza Day $1.50 slice

Scholastic Book Orders Due Monday January 14.

Sharing this week. d… as in day or dad

Monday January 7

Song Books Back to School Today

Fast Start Poetry Books go home today.

Scholastic Book Orders go Home Today. Due: Monday January 14

Gym Today

Tuesday January 8

Sharing Today: Abbie, Brittney

Wednesday January 9

Sharing Today: Brooke, Casey

Thursday January 10

Pizza Day: $1.50

Sharing Today: Cayden, Daniella

Friday January 11

Sharing Today: Elliot, Hannah

Fast Start Poetry books back to school

Song Books go home to be returned on Monday

Sharing on Monday January 14: d… as in day or dad: Hayley, Jaida

Here is the sharing schedule for January and February 2008. Please help
your child choose and prepare to share about one or two items beginning
or ending with the sound of the week for their sharing day.

January 2008 sharing schedule

February Sharing Schedule