The story of our names.

At the beginning of the year, each child in the class made a
self-portrait, which we turned into a flip book.

In March, each student wrote the story of how they got their name. Here
they are together.

Alexis Houthuyzen- My mom thought that I was a boy so she called me
Alexander, but I was a girl so she called me Alexis because I look like
an Alexis. My dad called me stormy because when I was born it was a
scary birth so my middle name is stormy.

Brendan Arthur Hrynczak- My parents called me Brendan because they both
like that name. My middle name is from my mom’s step dad Arthur Dey. My
last name is after my dad’s last name. My poppa called my mom Melissa
after a small town called Melissa on Highway 11 near Burk’s Falls.

Carter Aube- Carter is my mom’s great grandmother’s family name. Jared
Darryl is my brother’s name. .Darryl came from Darrlysitler. Jared was
picked because my mom and dad liked it. Brayden, my mom liked it and
Shannah got picked from a baby book. Martin, my dad , looked like a
Martian when he was born.

Chevy Vanderhaas- Vanderhaas is Dutch. It means rabbit in Dutch. Chevy is
a Dutch name picked by my parents. Both of my parents are Dutch.

Colter Bruce Rumney- My name is Colter Bruce is my dad’s name .My mom
liked the name. A Colter is a part on an old horse plow .I like the name

Colton K. Reynolds- My mom liked the name Colton. My sister got her Name
was from an Indian tribe. My dad got his name from a famous hockey player.
His name is Lanny McDonald. And my little brother his name was from a
famous hockey player too, his name was Curtis Joseph

My name is Daniel- My mom and dad thought that I was going to be a girl
named Grace, so for two days I was Baby Reader. They had to spend a lot of
time to decide. They finally came up with Daniel from the Bible. My middle
name was Sean after dad.

Gage Lafreniere- My dad was grocery shopping in Moose Jaw, Sask., when he
noticed an adorable little boy in line in front of him. He asked the
mother what the little boys name was and she said it was Gage. My dad
thought that was really neat and original and decided he would like to one
day name his son Gage. My middle name, Palmer, is actually my mom’s last
name, which will never carry further because my mom has no brothers. We
liked the idea. My last name is Lafreniere and it is the same as my dads
last name. Lafreniere is a French Canadian name

My name is Jaden- I have a brother his name is Kalton. And this is how I
got My name in A Magazine

Jordan Todoroff- I was a name in a baby book. My brother was named after
my grandma. My dad was named after my grandma, and so was my mom.

My Name Is Nick- I have a brother and a sister and another sister. I have
blue eyes. My hair is blonde. I am 9 years old. My full name is Nicholas
Ryan Fiegehen. My mom picked my name because she liked it. I am not named
after anyone, I have my own name.

Rebecca Stewart- I was named after my Moms best friend. Billie is named
after my Nan. Jeun is named after my aunt. Stewart is named after my dad
and it’s Irish

Shaelyn Ironside- My name came in a baby book. My mom and dad pick it. My
dad liked Amber. So my middle name is Amber.