Missing December posts

Here is a summary of the missing posts for December 2006.

December 8 Agenda Note

• There are several new additions to our Class Website:

• Show and Share next week December 11-15 e… as in eat or elf

December 18-22 No Share and show this week

• Take your poetry book home—Bring it back Monday!

• Take your word search home to help you study for your spelling test.
You can leave it there.

• You all did a good job with your graphing project. Take it home to
show your parents, get it signed and bring it back.

• Notes: Ski Club, Gift Table, Museum

• December 12: Class Picture Retakes

• December 13: Last Day of Skills for Living program with Mrs. Cooper.
We will have our final celebration at 1:35 pm. Parents are welcome to
join us.

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Snow Day

It is a beautiful sunny, snowy day in Midland today. We played in the
snow for our daily physical activity.

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Matryoshka doll

Mrs. Lavin was supply teaching here yesterday. She was very interested
in our patterning unit and our wrapping paper patterns. Today, she
brought in a Russian Matryoshka Doll to show the class. It had many
patterns in it. There is a red Santa then a blue Mrs. Claus and it
repeats on and on. One has a hat and one doesn’t. The dolls all fit
nested inside of each other. There are 9 dolls in all.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Candy Cane Patterns

Santa was having a problem. His reindeer kept running away from the
barn. We made fence patterns out of candy canes to show how he could
make a fence to keep the reindeer inside. Here are our designs.

Alexis, Jody, Cheyenn

It’s an ABC pattern. It is made out of candy canes. It repeats two times.

Brendan and Stephen

Colton and Rebecca

Dayton and Jordan

It is an AB AB pattern. It goes up and down.

Gage, Noah and Colter

My pattern goes ABB ABB.

Jaden, Connor, and Harry

Our pattern was an AABB pattern.

Lara, Jordyn and Sydney

Nick, Danny and Jacob

Nick: My pattern goes AABB and it has up down, up down.

Dan: My pattern rule is AABB or right, right, left left. It is made out
of blueberry candy canes.

Sam, Carter and Alex

Carter: We used three Winnie the Pooh candy canes and we used nineteen
mint candy canes.

Shaelyn and Crystal

Two candy canes are up and two other ones are down. Our pattern is AABB.

Simon and Jared

Our pattern is an AB pattern. One candy cane is upside-up and one candy
cane is sideways.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

December News

Important days to remember in our class.
Monday: Poetry books back to
school, Gym
Wednesday: 1:30: Mrs. Cooper comes for the
Dragon Program
Thursday: Gym. Library—Bring your library book.
Art Class, Poetry books go home.

Keep up the good work with reading your weekly poems and songs with your
family. Repeated reading of familiar songs and poems helps readers to
develop fluency.

December 12: Class Picture Retakes
December 13: Last Day of Skills
for Living program with Mrs. Cooper. We will have our final celebration
at 1:35 pm. Parents are welcome to join us.

Class Website: http://par.scdsb.on.ca/classes/McGaughey

Field Trip December 19

A major focus of Grade 2 Social Studies is learning about Traditions and
Celebrations around the world. On Tuesday December 19 we are going on a
field trip to the Huronia Museum for the Festival of Light programme. We
will learn about winter festivals and celebrations from around the
world. We will be walking to the museum at 9:00 and returning to the
school at about 12:00 pm. The $6.00 cost for this program is being
covered by the school, so there is no cost to the students.

We Got a Letter from Santa!

For many years, Santa has been asking Mr. McGaughey’s students to design
wrapping paper patterns. This project helps the children learn about art
design, 2 dimensional geometry and patterning in a fun and challenging
way. Throughout the month of December, we will be preparing and
designing the wrapping paper. You can help your child by looking for and
discussing patterns and geometrical designs in Christmas decorations,
clothing and advertisements.

North Pole
H0H 0H0
November 21, 2006

Dear Boys and Girls at Parkview Elementary School:

Greetings from the North Pole! November is almost over and the Advent
season is arriving, Mrs. Claus, the elves and I set up our Nativity
scene outside last evening and just as we finished the snow began to
fall gently. It was so beautiful!

As you know, December is a very busy month here at the North Pole! This
year we are making more presents than ever for good boys and girls. Each
of those presents needs to be wrapped up. Fortunately, we have a
computerized wrapping paper printer in our workshop. It will reproduce
patterns much more quickly than our old one and can even read images
from digital cameras! The elves and I would like your help in designing
some new geometric patterns to put in it. Will you help us out? Mr.
McGaughey’s students have made some beautiful wrapping paper designs for
us in the past.

The wrapping paper patterns must be repeated, incorporate
two-dimensional shapes, and include a transformation. Of course, the
pattern must be on a Christmas or winter theme. At the end, you can keep
the wrapping paper – all we need is a photograph and a written
description of it so that we can enter it into our printing machine!

The elves and I will be anxiously waiting for your response. Have fun
with your designs!



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