March 2-6 Agenda

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Sharing this week Sharing this week o as over, note or otter

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Date Parent// Teacher Comments
Monday March 2

Library today

Sharing today: Morgan

Tuesday  March 3

Sharing today: Riley W. Max

We have a concert in the library with the Wild Turkeys at 9:00



Wednesday  March 4 Kindergarten A Day

Sharing today: Riley B., Brayden, Holden

Hot Dog Day:  $1.00/hot dog


Dinosaur School

Thursday  March 5

Sharing today: Maya, Curtis


Pizza day $1.50/slice

Friday   March 6: Kindergarten A Day Kindergarten Students come to school today

Sharing today: Aaliyah

Shared Reading Books go home

Miss Beausoleil has prepared a yummy special math, art, and language unit that we will be working on today.



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Sharing next week o as over, note or otter:  Monday March 9:  Amy, Makenzie.


March 9:  Report Cards go home.