Wild Turkeys Spotted at Bayview School

Shared Writing by Mr. McGaughey’s Grade 1 class. Typed by Mr. McGaughey.

On Tuesday the Wild Turkeys came to our school.  They are a band of 5 young men.  They are all brothers from 2 different families.  Devon plays the bass guitar. Byron plays the fiddle.  Vaughn plays the drums. Marshall plays the mandolin.  Sheldon plays the guitar, harmonica and fiddle. They played lots of songs at Bayview.  The were very nice.  We were lucky to have them here.  We love the songs that they played. I hope they can come again next year. They are going to play at Huronia Museum tonight, Thursday March 5, from 7 to 9 pm.  Mr. McGaughey is going to play at the beginning with the Bayview Songwriting Club.  Admission to the concert is free but they will be taking donations for Stellula Music in Schools.   Stellula is a group that brings musicians to schools in Simcoe County to perform and work with student songwriters.

Stellula Music in Schools