Coming Up in Grade 4 October 28-November 4

Reading: Read 15 minutes nightly at home.

We will be doing a reading assessment during the week of October
31-November 4.

Writing: We are finishing up our Halloween stories. We will be
putting them in a class book and on our class website.


Halloween Artwork is due to Mrs. Downer Friday October 28.

Mrs. Tripp is coming to teach us a Halloween Craft on October 28.

Math: Chapter 2 tests are going home Thursday October 28. Please
review the test with your child, sign it and return it to school.

We are beginning Chapter 4- Addition and Subtraction:


Estimate sums and differences

Add and subtract with 4-digit numbers

Add and subtract numbers mentally

Create and solve addition and subtraction problems.

More information about this Unit can be found on the Nelson Math website

We will return to Chapter 3 after we have completed chapter 4.

Science (Rocks and Minerals) Quiz November 9

Social Studies (Mapping- Canada and its Provinces) Quiz November

Halloween: October 31, 2005.

Children are not to wear costumes in the morning. They will change into
costumes for the afternoon.

We are going to have a class Halloween snack and party for part of the
afternoon. If you would like to bring snacks, please bring healthy