Big Kid Theatre– Snow White

Anti-Bullying Presentation—Big Kid Theatre

Shared writing by the whole class. Typed by Mr. McGaughey

Big Kid’s Theatre was very exciting to watch. On Tuesday October 18, Big
Kid’s Theatre presented a play at our school about bullying. It was
called Snow White. In the play they taught us why not to be a bully and
how it can hurt someone. In the play, the wicked queen was played by a
man, and the handsome prince was played by a woman. The actor who played
the queen was named Nicholas.

After the play, he came to our class and taught us a rap about respect.
He also talked about what bullies do and how to deal with a bully.

What do bullies do?

• Pick on you

• disrespect you

• leave you out (exclusion)

• hurt you physically

• damage your property

How can you deal with a bully?

1. Ignore them.

2. Help a friend to walk away.

3. Talk to a teacher.

5 B’s Rap

Be Kind

Be Involved

Be Respectful

Be Smart

Be a Friend

Be a Buddy (wiggle, wiggle) Not a Bully (bring it)