Welcome Back to Mr. McGaughey’s Class


Welcome back to Mr. McGaughey’s gifted class at Bayview public school.  I had a lovely vacation with my family including a  camping trip to the Rockies in Alberta.  

Seven students are returning to our class.   Our timetable is greatly simplified from last year.  The Junior students (Grade 5-6) will be in my classroom (room 128) from 8:55 am -12:05 pm then switch to Mrs. Parliament’s class 111 from 12:05-3:15pm. The Intermediate Students (Grade 7-8) will be in Ms. Young’s class 121 from 8:55 am -12:05 pm then switch to gifted class 128 from 12:05-3:15pm.

Here is a complete schedule for our class. This may be subject to change over the next few weeks. You can click on the picture for a larger view.
Mr. McGaughey's Gifted Class Schedule

Newsletters and annual permission forms for walking trips, computer use, etc… will be going home this afternoon. As soon as all walking permission forms are in we will go for a class frisbee golf trip at Little Lake Park. Watch later this month for a full class newsletter of upcoming events.