How to Make a Drum


Clear packing tape, decorations, an empty packing tape roll, yarn, a 30 cm stick, scissors, glue and paper.


What to Do:

  1. Cover the top of the empty tape roll with 2 layers of tape. Don’t leave any holes. Make sure it is nice and tight. This will be your drum top.
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  3. To make the drumstick, wind about 4 meters of yarn around the top of your stick. The yarn ball should be about 2 cm across. As you are winding, put some white glue on the yarn then keep winding. This will stick the yarn together.
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  5. Do this 2 or 3 times. Your finished drumstick will look like this.
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  7. To decorate the drum, you can wrap paper around it and attach glue, beads, stickers or other decorations.
  8. Enjoy your new drum.
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