Conference Times and Update- November 17

This is just a reminder of your student involved conference times. Each appointment is 15 minutes long. This is your chance to show your parents how well you have been doing in school this year.

Mr. McGaughey
Student Involved Conference Schedule
Thursday November 17, 2011

4:00 Andrew
4:45 Jennifer
5:00 Tommy
5:30 Chase
6:30 Rowan
6:45 Collin
7:00 Trevor
7:15 Dustin


Math:  We are working on a patterning and algebra unit until the end of November.

Please finish up these math assignments by Monday.

Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7   Grade 8
Nelson Ch 1.1  page 4,5 Number patterns Nelson Ch 1.1  page 4-6 Writing Pattern Rules .10.1 page 368-372 10.1 page 420- 422
Nelson Ch 1.2   page 6,7 Nelson Ch 1.2   page 8-11 10.2 373-377 10.2 423-427

Points Project:

We are nearing the end of our points project.  It has been great studying satire and parody using the Shrek movies with the Juniors, and examining the history of computers with the Intermediates.

The final day to hand in work for this p roject will be Tuesday November 29.  If you have not completed more than 150 points by now, you will  have to do alot of homework to catch up.

Next week, we will begin discussing and preparing for a novel study to begin on December 1.