November 21-25 in Mr. McGaughey’s Class

Thanks to my all my students who helped me prepare for my talk, Sharing Stories, Becoming Storytellers,  for the K12 Online Conference.   You can find a preview of the talk on my teacher blog, Educational Alchemy.



Thanks to everybody who came for their student involved conferences last week.  If you were unable to attend, please contact Mr. McGaughey to schedule another time.


We will be having a school assembly on Friday November 25 at 1:40pm.

This is the last full week  to work on your points project. Final due date is November 29.  Our December unit will be a novel study.  Over the course of this week, I will work with both my Junior and Intermediate groups to choose a novel, and determine which activities will help us to cover the expectations of the English and Arts curriculum for their grade.  We will begin the novel study on November 29.


Math this week:  We are continuing to work on our patterning unit.  Math tests for this unit will be around the end of November.

Mathbook pages  assigned:

Date Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7

Do half of each lettered question.  Do Assessment focus first

Grade 8
November 16 Nelson Ch 1.1  page 4,5 Number patterns Nelson Ch 1.1  page 4-6 Writing Pattern Rules .

10.1 page 368-372

10.1 page 420- 422
November 17 Nelson Ch 1.2   page 6,7 Nelson Ch 1.2   page 8-11 10.2 373-377 10.2 423-427
November 21 Nelson Ch 1.3  page 8,9 Nelson Ch 1.3  page 12,13 10.3 378-381 10.3 428-433
November 22 Nelson Ch 1.4  page 12,13 Nelson Ch 1.4  page 14-16 Mid Unit Review 382 Mid Unit Review 424
November 23 Mid Chapter review page 10 Mid Chapter review page 19 10.4 383-386 10.4 435-439
November 24 Nelson Ch 1.5  page 14,15 Nelson Ch 1.5  page 20,21 Unit Review 398-399  Don’t do 400 10.5 440-443