Jack About the Beanstalk

Jack About the Beanstalk is a play that came to our school on April 3.
They were from Big Kid Entertainment. After the play. Ryan, one of the
actors came to our class.

Then we wrote a retell about the story.

In the beginning of the story, They talked about how Jack had stolen the
golden hen and he decided to give it back. His daughter did not want to
give it back. She wanted to be like Sharpey on High School Musical.

In the middle of the story, Jack and his wife were trying to teach their
daughter how to be kind to others. Jack Climbed up the beanstalk to get
give back the golden hen.Jack met the Giant. He tried to give it back,
but the Giant did not want it. He said to give it to someone who needed
it. Jack climbed down the beanstalk. Jack talked to his daughter and his
wife. His daughter wanted to keep the golden hen but Jack said she had
to give it to someone who needed it. She said that she would try to give
it to someone, but if they didn’t want it, then she could
keep it.

At the end, She tried to trick her parents into letting her keep the
golden hen by offering it to the Giant again. The Giant still didn’t
want it. Finally Jack’s daughter offered the hen to the Giant as a new
friend. Jack’s daughter was nice to others. She gave the Golden Hen to
the giant.

They all sang a song about being kind and responsible, called A
Person of Good Character

You can click on the picture to hear them singing the song.