Snowmen everywhere

This week we have been making snowmen, both out of snow and from paper.





Abbey: This is Blueman, my snowman I made.








Riley B.:

Riley W.:  My art is cool because it is Frosty.  My art is cool.:

Max: I like building snowmen.  It is fun.

West: This is my basher.  He is flat because he bashes.

Taylor:  I like my snow princess.  She is walking in her pyjamas.

Nathan: My Snowman.  I made my snowman.  I like it.

Justin: I had fun making a snowman.

Maya: I like my snowman. I put decorations on it.  It was fun making snowmen.

Curtis: My snowman is standing and my snowman is walking.

Morgan:  I made a snow-man in paper.  Paper is fun to play with.

Abbey:  I like my snowman.

Our Snowmen in the Courtyard:

Riley W.  This is me and West’s snowman

Our Snowmen in the Courtyard:

Nathan:  The snowman was a good snowman.

Justin:  I had fun making snowmen.

Nathan:  The Snowman is fun to play with.

Maya:  It’s fun making snowmen.

Our Snowmen in the Courtyard:

Our Snowmen in the Courtyard:

Morgan:  I like making snowmen.  It is fun to make snowmen.