Announcing Mr. McGaughey’s Cross Canada Election Sign Survey

Update: Here is the data we have collected so far. Are class is going to proceed to make graphs from our data and make some predictions about the possible outcome of the election. You can download the dataset in Excel format here.

UPDATE: Here is a pie graph we created showing the results of our sign survey.

Teachers: Are you interested in participating in further online collaborative projects with my class? Please fill out this form.

Welcome Back to Mr. McGaughey’s Class


Welcome back to Mr. McGaughey’s gifted class at Bayview public school.  I had a lovely vacation with my family including a  camping trip to the Rockies in Alberta.  

Seven students are returning to our class.   Our timetable is greatly simplified from last year.  The Junior students (Grade 5-6) will be in my classroom (room 128) from 8:55 am -12:05 pm then switch to Mrs. Parliament’s class 111 from 12:05-3:15pm. The Intermediate Students (Grade 7-8) will be in Ms. Young’s class 121 from 8:55 am -12:05 pm then switch to gifted class 128 from 12:05-3:15pm.

Here is a complete schedule for our class. This may be subject to change over the next few weeks. You can click on the picture for a larger view.
Mr. McGaughey's Gifted Class Schedule

Newsletters and annual permission forms for walking trips, computer use, etc… will be going home this afternoon. As soon as all walking permission forms are in we will go for a class frisbee golf trip at Little Lake Park. Watch later this month for a full class newsletter of upcoming events.

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Gifted Outreach Conference Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Gifted Outreach Conference at Lakehead University 500 University Avenue in Orillia.  We will need to leave the school at 9:00 am shortly after the buses arrive so that we can be in Orillia in time for the 10 am start of the conference.  Please come into the classroom as soon as you arrive at school.  Remember to bring your lunch.  We will be returning to the school between 3:50 and 4 pm., so you will need to make arrangements to be picked up from the school.

There is also a Boys soccer game after school at Huronia Centennial School in Elmvale.  Mrs. Kilby will drive the 4 boys on the soccer team from Orillia to the game in Elmvale.  You will need to make arrangements to be picked up after the game.

The Gifted Outreach conference is hosted by the Faculty of Education students from Nipissing University and it should be a great day of creative learning activities.

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April Gifted Class Newsletter

Mr. McGaughey’s Class News:

Bayview Public School Gifted Class

April 19, 2011

Today in class we calculated that we are almost exactly 3/4 of the way through the school year. There are 49 instructional days left.

We took some time this morning to review the projects and special events we will be working on in the last quarter of the school year.

Next week:

Finish up mathematics numeration unit. Math test on Tuesday April 26.

Grade 4: Social Studies Test Thursday April 21.

Thursday April 21: Scholastic Book orders are due.

Go Conference: The Gifted Outreach Conference (hosted by Nipissing University Education students) is on Friday May 6. A permission form for the GO conference is attached to this newsletter.

Jump Rope for Heart

Bayview School’s Annual Jump Rope for Heart is also scheduled for May 6.  We will be having our Jump Rope for Heart together with the Grade 4s on Tuesday May 10.

Federal Election

We have had some good discussions in class about the upcoming federal election. Over the next two weeks we may do some study of the issues in the federal election leading towards a mock student vote on Election Day.

Alphabiography Project: We have been working on the alphabiography project since early February. By now you should have about 10 to 15 entries of about 250 words each. The complete project of at least 20 entries is due on Wednesday May 25. Here is a sample Sample Alphabiography Entry and the Self Assessment sheet for the assignment.

Personal Project: A few students completed a personal project before Christmas. If you have not started a personal project, please see Mr. McGaughey with your topic before the end of next week. You will need to complete a personal project before June 15. Details on the  Personal Project Assignment can be found here.

Novel Study: Over the next two weeks in English class we will be starting a novel study. This will follow the format of our twice weekly literature circles that we have been working on for the past month. Basically, you will be responsible for reading several chapter(s), then writing a brief summary of the chapters and preparing to lead one portion of the discussion as character expert, discussion director, illustrator, etc…

Debate: In mid May, we hope to have a debate with another Gifted class from Orillia using the teleconferencing equipment we have at the school. More details on this debate will follow.

Music Video: In past years, students in the Gifted Class have greatly enjoyed doing a music video project. We will be doing this again this year. This project will be assigned in mid-May and will be due in June.

Annual IPRC reviews: I will be sending home information and letters regarding annual IPRC reviews in early to mid-May.

Math: Our next math unit will be on patterning and algebra. We will end the year with units on measurement and geometry, probability, and numeration. I will send home the unit outline when we begin the unit.

Go Conference Information and Permission form

April 18, 2011

Dear Parents:

The gifted students at Bayview school have been invited to the annual Gifted Outreach (GO) conference presented by the teacher candidates of Nipissing University at Nipissing University in Orillia on May 6, 2011.

We will need to leave the school at 9:00 am shortly after the buses arrive. We will be returning to the school, at 4 pm., so you will need to make arrangements to pick up your child from the school on that date.

The Schedule for the day is attached. Students will need to bring their lunch.

While field trips are supervised by the teaching staff, they involve activities beyond those of normal school programs. It is essential that parent/guardians counsel their children on the necessity for extra care and cooperation.

Thank you,

Mr. McGaughey

GO Conference

Topic: CSI: Orillia

Location: Lakehead University

500 University Avenue


Date: May 6, 2011


10:00-10:20 Opening Address and Welcome

10:30-11:30 Keynote Group A and Workshop # 1

11:30-12:10 Lunch

12:10-1:10 Keynote Group B and Workshop # 2

1:20-2:20 Workshop # 3

2:30-2:50 Closing Ceremonies
3:00 Departure of students

I give permission for my child _________________________ to attend the Simcoe County District School Board GO CONFERENCE on May 6, 2011.

————————-             ————————-

Signature                         Date

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Snowed Out!

Bayview SnowHere is a view out my classroom window of the snow falling into our school courtyard this morning.  Unfortunately,  the snow squalls prevented Jaime, Trevor, Aislinn, Jennifer and I from going to the Junior Math Road Rally at the school board office today.  We were all disappointed.

Just a reminder that we have a PA day on Monday January 24.  There will be no classes for students.

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Agenda March 31-April 3

Sharing This Week:  U as in use or up

Monday March 30
Sharing Today: Amy, Makenzie
April Scholastic Book Orders go home.
Tuesday March 31
Sharing today: Justin, West
Grade 1:
Wednesday April 1: Kindergarten A Day
Sharing today: Ede, Alexis
Hot Dog Day: $1.00/hot dog
Kindergarten Shared Reading books go home.
Thursday April 2:
Sharing today: Abbey, Nathan
Pizza day $1.50/slice
Friday April 3: Kindergarten Students stay home today
Sharing today:
Shared Reading Books go home
Sharing next week: Monday, March 23: y as in year (consonant) or day (vowel): Morgan, Riley B.
Monday April 6: Scholastic Book Orders Due

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Agenda for March 9-13

Sharing this week O as in note or otter
Our class webpage is now at
Date Parent// Teacher Comments
Monday March 9

Sharing Today:  Amy, Makenzie, Aaliyah

Tuesday  March 10

Sharing today: Justin, West

Grade 1:


Wednesday  March 11: Kindergarten A Day

Sharing today: Ede, Alexis

Hot Dog Day:  $1.00/hot dog

Thursday  March 12:

Sharing today: Abbey, Nathan


Pizza day $1.50/slice

Friday   March 13: Kindergarten Students stay home today

Sharing today:

Shared Reading Books go home



(Feel Free to cut off this Section to hang on the Fridge).

Sharing Monday, March 23: U as in use or up:  Morgan, Riley B.


Monday March 9:  Report Cards Go Home

Wednesday March 11:  Scholastic Book Orders Due

March Break:  March 14-22